Good day!
We are a world known company coping with currency exchange. We are a well-known world mark, which has a high reputation in the field of money affairs. The work we propose is a tremendous chance to get a regular salary(2000-5000) and count on career development.
Right now we are looking for a Regional Exchange Agent. We hope to employ a creative and intelligent collaborator for either full-time or part-time vacancy.
You are supposed to possess the following abilities and features :
Professionalism. You ought to show the high level of competency associated with your main responsibilities.
The persistence of learning. You should continuously advance your own methods of work to provide our clients with the beneficial terms and sustain the efficiency of our enterprise.
Liability. You should be accountable for all liabilities you are to fulfill, as well as to dealt with the constructive criticism.
Universalism. You should be take each case individually, choose the beneficial ways to solve all sorts of problems and implement efficacious initiatives.
Collaborate with clients. You are expected to support our clients in productive ways and do all actions as soon and as possible.

The agents are not permitted to deal with other brokers or bank representatives who can work with the tenders through the commission payment.
You don’t need to make any investments. Our firm will fully cover all necessary expenses. Your training practice will be gratis.
Major duties of the Regional Exchange Agent:
• Be answerable for various operations (buy & sell) related to e-currencies in certain locations that are under our power. To sell and buy bitcoins, exchange currencies and bitcoins for cash.
• Advance our resource in locations of our interests.
• Develop regional transactions in the sphere of our interests.
• Work per cell phone with the ready-to-work clients.
• Instant and professional support of our clients in the locations of our interests.
Also, make sure you suit the next demands :
Age above 20 years
The absence of a previous charge
Qualified PC user
Flexible working hours
If you are determined to try in this office, inform us please:
- How old are you
- A place of living
Acknowledge us if you are interested. We’ll be grateful your response and are thankful for your attention.